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NOT A MANS DREAM is more than a brand, it is a lifestyle and our motto has always been “walk to the bet of your own drum”- which translates to showing the world your unapologetically self. Founded by in Melbourne, Australia by Samantha Saint James in 2022, NOT A MANS DREAM is an androgynous women lead brand defying the rules of gender archetypes, fashioning inclusivity, fashion innovation and diversity within the industry. 

Our mission is to empower people and create a sense of freedom through the marriage of art, fashion, and voice. Saint James is inspired to support local artisans and upcoming artists to offer opportunities and bring awareness to her community.NOT A MANS DREAM believes in being as transparent as possible while implementing sustainability and ethical high-quality products that are supportable to our environment and community. Our garments incorporate craftsmanship, individuality and hand-made aesthetic always producing the highest of quality.

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